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Siem Shipping

Siem Shipowning Inc. is an owner and operator of vessels engaged in international shipping, operating in the reefer segment, car carrier segment, bulk segment and ro-ro segment.

In the specialized reefer segment, Siem Shipowning directly controls 14 reefer vessels with a total capacity of 8 million cbft per 31 December 2021. 

In addition to providing management and technical services to the pure car-and-truck carrier (“PCTC”) sector, Siem Shipowning had 4 PCTC vessels in operation per 31 December 2021.

At 30 June 2022, the Company owned a beneficial interest of 7,466,498 shares of Siem Shipowning, or approximately 84.3% of its issued and oustanding shares.


Star Reefers Inc. (“Star Reefers”; formerly Siem Shipping Inc.) — Star Reefers operates in the specialized reefer industry and is a leading global operator of refrigerated vessels.

At the end of December 2021, Star Reefers directly controlled 5 vessels with a total capacity of 3 million cbft and an average age of 13 years.

Star Reefers’ activity in the reefer segment is focused on transportation of bananas and refrigerated cargo.

At 30 June 2022, the Company owned a beneficial interest of 7,441,498 shares of Star Reefers, or approximately 84.0% of its issued and outstanding shares.

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