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About us

Core activities are defined as Offshore Energy Service, Ocean Shipping and Financial Investments. The first include Subsea7 with engineering and underwater construction for the oil industry and offshore wind farm installations for the generation of electricity, Siem Offshore offering support vessels to offshore activities and EMGS providing formation data to determine location and size of offshore energy fields. The second core activity, Ocean Shipping, provides ocean transportation of automobiles, trucks, refrigerated fruit and vegetables to clients who rely on our services long term. Additionally under Ocean Shipping, our wholly owned subsidiary Seven Yield provides lease financing solutions to vessel owners within the industrial shipping sector. The third core activity, Financial Investments, aims to assure professional management and risk adjusted return on the cash generated by the group activities under Offshore Energy Services and Ocean Shipping. Main investment targets will primarily be within our core expertise.


The Company was formed in 1980. The Group traces its history back to the 19th century.

The Company is incorporated in Luxembourg, with registered and executive offices in Luxembourg City.


The Company has approximately 450-500 shareholders. It was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange until 1999 and on the American Stock Exchange until 1998.