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Seven Yield

Seven Yield Holding Pte. Ltd. and its subsidiaries (“Seven Yield”) was incorporated in 2018. The Company’s business model is to provide leasing solutions to a diversified blend of counterparties across the industrial shipping and offshore oil-service sectors, through long-term bareboat charter contracts. The Company has no outsized or legacy assets and its initial fleet comprises of modern vessels with long term bareboat charter contracts within the RoRo/Car Carrier segment. In 2019, the Company established the joint-venture S&I Leasing Pte. Ltd. (“S&I”) with the Japanese trading house, ITOCHU Corporation with a main focus to offer leasing solutions to clients within the conventional shipping segments. Seven Yield is 50% owner of S&I and mandated to be the corporate manager of S&I. Seven Yield headquarter is centrally located in Singapore, and the Company shares offices with another Siem Industries affiliated company, Subsea 7. The current fleet includes: 6 RoRo carriers, 3 PCTCs, 1 Dual Fuel Ropax, and 2 Bulk carriers.

The Company owns 100% of Seven Yield.

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