Siem Offshore Inc


Siem Offshore Inc. holds ownership or management interests of 28 vessels.

The vessels in operation include:

  • 9 large-capacity anchor-handling, tug and supply (“AHTS”) vessels
  • 6 mid-size and large-size platform supply vessels (“PSVs”)
  • 4 offshore subsea construction vessels (“OSCVs”; category also includes multi-purpose field and ROV support vessels)
  • 5 supply/crew/standby vessels located in Brazil
  • 2 well-intervention vessels
  • 1 well-stimulation vessel
  • 1 scientific drilling vessel

In addition, Siem Offshore manages two offshore vessels owned by an associated company and one offshore vessel for a third party client.

At 30 June 2022, the Company owned 80,255,763  shares of Siem Offshore (OSE Symbol: SIOFF), or approximately 33.6%.

The Company is represented by Kristian Siem who is Chairman of the board.

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